Oil Painting Photo Effects For Creating A Victorian Masterpiece

Oil Painting Photo Effects tutorial for everyone from newbie to proficient. This video of Oil Painting Photo Effects will guide you properly. Many of us try to do oil painting through android apps and other graphic design software. Someone also tries to do it using Photoshop basic tools. But if we apply a simple trick, it can be done easily. It is nothing but a magic of a simple plug-in of Photoshop. The name of the plug is Photoshop oil paint plug-in. You can download this plug-in from here for free. Watch the full video tutorial how to install this plug in and apply it properly for oil painting.

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Oil Painting Photoshop Action Tutorial Video.


This video will guide you step by step applying oil painting effects in your photo


Course of Action – Oil Painting Photoshop Action:

  1. First download the Photoshop action applying plug in from this page. Simply click in the download button. This will redirect you to a Google drive link. Just download the plug in as ZIP/RAR and save in your desktop or hard drive.

  1. Now go to Windows > Actions in Photoshop CS6. And check if there any previous oil painting actions already installed.
  1. If not double click the downloaded ZIP file. You will observe two separate files. One is Oil Paint PS Action plug-in and the other is readme.txt file.
  1. Now double click Oil Paint PS Action plug-in, it will be automatically installed in your Photoshop actions bar.

5.Click on oil paint Photoshop folder from the action bar list. You will notice there are total 12 oil paint actions in the action bar.


6.Unlock the layer of the photo and zoom in the picture. Now select Action 1 and click on apply button.



7.You will get a message like “the object “layer” background is not currently available.” Click “continue”.


Now see the magic oil painting effects has been applied. Continue the process for any picture.

Oil Painting Photo Effects Using Photoshop Oil Paint Filter

There is another way to turn your photo into oil painting. It is using a simple Photoshop tool called Photoshop oil paint filter. In the next few paragraph I will describe how to apply oil painting photo effects using oil paint filter. But, bad news for previous version users of Photoshop. This advance feature is only available in the latest Photoshop version Adobe Photoshop CC. Previously the filter was present, after sudden time the Adobe Company removed it. The reason is not well known to all. Now the interesting fact is the filter is back and now it is available and open to use in Photoshop CC.

convert Image to Smart Object:

It is essential you covert your selected image to smart object. Without converting the image we cannot move to the next steps of applying oil painting. First open your selected image that you want to convert to oil painting in Photoshop CC. For practicing you will find lots of images in the web, also you can search for royalty free images or stock photos. After opening the image, have a look layer panel, right click on the layer and select “convert to smart object”.

Select Oil Paint Filter:

Our next process is selecting the oil paint filter from the menu bar. To select the oil paint filter have a look to the menu panel upper side of the Adobe Photoshop application.  Follow this sequence Filter > Stylize > Oil Paint, click Filter then hover the mouse pointer to Stylize, finally click on Oil Paint. This will a new dialogue box called “Oil Paint”. We have attached a screenshot to clear the process. Going through this process is boring in Photoshop CS6, but the adobe team has made CC version smarter. In the CC version this will open a small dialogue box.

This dialogue box comes with some advanced features. With these advanced options of the dialogue you can easily turn any photo to oil painting. Let’s check out the advanced features of this box.

  • Brush
  • Lighting Stylization
  • Cleanliness
  • Scale
  • Bristle Detail
  • Lighting:
  • Angle
  • Shine
  • Zoom In & Zoom Out


Adjust Lighting Stylization:

This is the first brush option. This determines the style of the painting. The left corner provides the lowest and the right corner provides the highest value. The selection bar is easily movable. The lowest value of the stylization is 0.1 and the higher value of this is 10.

Adjust Cleanliness:

This determines the length of the stroke. Move the selection bar according to your needs from left to right to make the stroke from short to long.

Adjust Scale:

This option determines the smoothness of the stroke. The lowest value of scale is 0.1. Move the bar from left to right to make the strokes sharper.

Adjust Bristle Detail :

This is the last option oil paint filter dialogue box.  This controls the grooves of the oil painting. With the control bar you can easily determine the strongness of the oil painting.

Adjust Lighting:

This option controls the light of the overall oil painting.  Control the light and shadows of the oil painting with this option. Very simple and easy to adjust.

Preview Using Zoom In & Zoom Out:

The preview option gives us the chance to view how the image looks like at 100% zoo level. Simply click on the several parts of the image to observe the change that how it looks like. You can zoom in and zoom out by clicking “+” and “-“of the preview dialogue box.

Applying Oil Painting Effect:

After you have adjusted the Lighting Stylization, Cleanliness, Scale and Bristle Detail & Lighting have a look at the preview display. If everything is okay, then click save. And you are all done. Oil painting photo effects have been applied in your selected image.

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